Do you need Jesus to heal you? He still does heal those who will trust him. I experienced a great healing miracle that made the song "Jesus Loves Me" come alive for me when my knee was dislocated in a fall on St. Vincent Island.

While telling a game warden who “rescued me” about my cousin who was hit by a beach buggy and her statement to her husband and sister, “I’m OK for Jesus is with me,” Jesus healed me instantly. From that day to this one I know He heals us like He promises, and most importantly of all, he wants to do it.

We should remember that his horrible crucifixion provided three marvelous blessings. He shed his blood for our salvation. He was beaten horribly prior to being spiked to his cross so we can be healed, and his resurrection from the dead allows us to be released from Satan.

My 80th birthday gift from him, something I’ve been asking for, was to see him heal all who come to him now. If anyone has a need, come to the Community Center July 5 from 8-11 a.m., and he will meet your need just as we read in the Bible. Regardless of your sickness or disease, come and be lifted up so you can touch him with your faith. I expect many to be added to the family of God then, too.

Jesus saves, Jesus heals and Jesus liberates.

Between now and July 5, I'll be preparing to pray for anyone suffering with an illness, sickness, disease, "heartbreak" or cancers.

I'll do a teaching on divine healing with some powerful testimonies to elevate our faith. Then, we'll pray for the sick or those in need.

I expect Jesus to remain faithful to his word for we're told he healed all who came to him.

Everybody is invited to be there with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, who's the one in charge.

“The sons of God are those who follow the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 8:14) This is precisely what we'll be doing.