At Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security (DMGS), curriculum offerings are designed to provide needed skills for students who are pursuing a career in national security, for those who currently work in the national security community and for others who want to explore career opportunities in the commercial corporate sector, where intellectual foundations of national security policy are deeply valued.

DMGS coursework is strengthened by the professional experiences of instructors who have extensive and successful careers in national security. As active practitioners, DMGS instructors bring their unique perspectives inside the classroom and remain on top of the latest developments in the fields they teach. This is a great benefit for students who can rely on their instructor’s experience to expand their own horizons. It also allows the students and professors to develop strong relationships leading to career growth opportunities after graduation.

Here’s a look at DMGS faculty who are not only on the frontlines of addressing the national security challenges of the new century but also teaching the next generation of national security leaders:

Kevin McCarty is the Chairman of the MDV Program at DMGS. McCarty has served under Presidents Obama and Bush at the National Security Council Staff as the Director for Global Outreach, where he was responsible for the coordination across government of what was known as the “War of Ideas” to counter terrorism. Prior to that he served at the Central Intelligence Agency and as an E-2C Naval Flight Officer. His service in the Navy consisted of many carrier and detached deployments around the world supporting many missions including no-fly zones, contingency, multi-national exercises and counter-drug operations. A TOPGUN graduate, McCarty has served as both a squadron Commanding Officer and a Joint Service Officer.

After a career in government, McCarty has taken on many roles. He advises government and commercial clients on predictive strategies for audience engagement and in-depth audience understanding methods as an independent consultant.

“As the world has become more decentralized due to changes in social norms and technology has made small groups more powerful, there is a clear need for a new approach to handling national security,” said Professor McCarty. “The MDV program is designed to meet this new challenge.”

Dr. Michael Sharnoff is an Associate Professor of Middle East Studies at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School and Director of the Regional Studies Program. Dr. Sharnoff is a senior analyst at Wikistrat, a geo-political risk consultancy, who has congressional experience on Capitol Hill and whose articles have appeared in major publications including The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, Al Arabiya, Palestine-Israel Journal and Your Middle East. His speaking engagements include appearances at the Department of State’s Critical Language Scholarship Program and Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

“One of the greatest national security challenges facing the U.S. today is fragile and failing states,” said Dr. Sharnoff. “These states are a major security concern and are particularly prevalent in the greater Middle East.”

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