DESTIN — A 37-year old man and a 38-year-old man were cited for fishing out of season.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission officers were patrolling the Destin East Pass when they saw a boat returning from the Gulf of Mexico with two men on board and fishing rods in clear sight.

The officers stopped the boat and asked the men if they had caught anything. They said they caught bonita, snapper and a king mackerel. Inside a fish box on board, there were four red snapper, one king mackerel not in whole condition, and several bonita.

The men gave the officers their fishing licenses, but neither had a federal reef fish permit. The officers told the men that recreational red snapper season was currently closed. One of the men searched on his phone when red snapper season was and said he thought it was open.

The officers also told the men that king mackerel had a size limit; therefore, must be caught in whole condition so it can be correctly measured.

The officers took pictures of the red snapper for evidence. Both men received citations for possessing the fish out of season.