Boards. Bikes. Beach. Sounds familiar, right?

But the Bearded Beach Hippie isn’t just the newest board and bike rental company on the Emerald Coast. Owner Dustin Owen said it’s a brand that’s taken the beach lifestyle and true service to heart.

“We believe that the best days along the Emerald Coast are those spent soaking in all the beauty that God’s given us,” said Owen, the Bearded Beach Hippie himself. “When you’re here, it’s time to sit back, relax and take in some Vitamin D.”

Originally from the Oklahoma City area, Owen traveled around the country serving in the U.S. and worked a short period as a firefighter, but it wasn’t until he moved to Hawaii with the Army that he started his love affair with water. He found a love for boards, and he transformed into the beach hippie he is today.

“I have been a public servant in many different ways. My jobs in the past have been extremely stressful,” Owen said. “I find true peace being on the water, and I want others to experience the same.”

This inspired him to open the Bearded Beach Hippie, a board and bike rental company, as a way to serve the community. In addition to connecting people to the tools they need to enjoy the Emerald Coast waters and fresh coastal air, he said he’s setting this organization up to give some of the proceeds to the Muscular Dystrophy Association and veteran organizations.

“I love to serve others and truly believe that it is what God has put me on Earth to do,” he said. “Now, I want to continue serving others by helping them enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast.”

For more information about the Bearded Beach Hippie and its services, please visit