Named after the owner's late grandmother, The Destin Pearl is just that.

Nestled in front of the splash pad in the Destin Commons, Destin's newest art gallery displays a wide variety of art from different local artists.

"A lot of them are new artists so they haven't been in galleries or they haven't sold a lot," said owner and manager Ken Behringer. "Some of the artists own their own galleries with their own work and some have been in other galleries so we're trying to just give everybody a chance."

Seven months ago, Behringer and his family decided to trade in his desk job as an architectural designer in Wisconsin for the warm beaches of Destin peruse his dream of opening an art gallery.

Using the Facebook Marketplace, Behringer searched for local artists and found almost 30 to agree to display their art in his gallery. Behringer hopes to fill every inch of his 3,200-square-foot space with all kinds of art.

"I want the artists to be free with their designs," Behringer said. "We're trying to get as many in as possible so we have a really wide variety of stuff for people to choose from."

He's gotten a good head start as the gallery already has pieces ranging from the traditional art styles of watercolor and acrylic to the unique methods of quilling, welded art and wood-burning.

"We have an 8-foot metal octopus coming in that's gonna be really cool and an 8-foot underwater scene," Behringer said. "It's all metal and it's done by a welder. It's really beautiful."

Behringer picked his location in Destin Commons with the hopes that the popularity of the shopping center will give him an advantage. And after a successful opening weekend, things look promising.

"I named it the Destin Pearl after my grandmother, who passed away a few months before we moved down here, and the very first thing we sold was a set of pearl earrings so I thought that was cool," Behringer said.

He wants to attract all sorts of people, both young and old, by also offering individual and group classes in any art style featured in the gallery.

"All of our artists here have agreed to come in and teach classes if anyone wants to learn a specific thing like watercolors and painting or I do have a general teacher who's gonna come in," said Behringer.

And if you're in the mood for some fun with friends and loved ones, Behringer said they will also be doing Tipsy Canvas.

"Everybody gets a canvas and wine and there will be snacks and there's a timer so every 10 minutes you switch your canvas down the row until you get yours back and then by then the whole group has painted a little bit on it," Behringer said. "It's a lot of fun."

Some of the artists have also decided to volunteer at the gallery and use their other talents to help draw people in. Behringer said one of the artists is also a musician who is going to play live music at the gallery and another is going to paint outside of the gallery.

Once he gets all the artists in and set up, Behringer said he will have a grand opening in August.

The Destin Pearl is located at 4145 Legendary Drive in the Destin Commons, next to Talbots. For more information or to schedule a class, visit their Facebook by searching The Destin Pearl or call 920-600-7800.