There’s a little known watering hole inside Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl, but it’s not supposed to be under wraps. Bartender Troy Kruse says it’s time the locals and visitors discover his favorite spot to grab a drink.

“We have our liquor out on display, and people come up to me and say, ‘Can we actually get a drink here?’” Kruse said, laughing. “We have the best happy hour in Destin that nobody knows about.”

Kruse said Uncle Buck’s offers bowling, an arcade and a full-menu restaurant, so he can see how the bar feature is a surprise for most patrons. But once found, he said, everyone has something to talk about.

“The aquarium atmosphere is a really neat aspect, even locals talk about it,” Kruse said. “We also get so many questions about our fish replicas.”

Hanging throughout the establishment are fish of every type including local fish such, as mahi mahi. Above the bar are the largest replicas — three blue fin tunas — with one showcasing a 1,200 pound tuna caught and released by Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris.

Kruse moved to Destin from Colorado with his family last year and said craft beer will always be his drink of choice.

“I drink beer,” he said. “I like a good craft beer. Around here, Destin Ale is what I get.”

When it comes to his signature sip, however, Kruse chose none other than The Fishbowl. The colorful drink features a whopping 6 ounces of spirits including vodka, gin, rum and Blue Curacao. Citrus flavors are added with sweet-and-sour mix and Sprite. Then the drink is garnished with wedges of orange, lime and lemon.

“It comes in a round fishbowl, and it’s made for two people,” Kruse said. “We use Blue Curacao to color it, and it’s aptly named as it fits in perfectly with our motif.”

When he is not serving up drinks at Uncle Buck’s Kruse a digital marketing guru and a sports-loving dad.

“My son plays travel baseball and my daughter plays soccer for the school so it’s a lot of sports and the beach,” he said. "I work from home so bartending gets me out of the house and it's a fun thing to do."

Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl is located at 4251 Legendary Drive, within the Destin Commons. Happy hour runs from 3-7 p.m. Sunday-Friday. For more information visit or call 850-269-6100.