The Destin Library’s 2018 summer programming for children, young adults and adults reached 1,187 participants for the summer, according to Reference and Youth Services Librarian Will Rogers.

During June and July offerings at the library included six themed sessions of summer reading events for children ages five and under and elementary students ages six to 12 years; a six session environmental science program in collaboration with the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance for elementary aged students; and three technology infused programs for elementary and middle school students entitled STEAM, Lego Robolympics, and Techsploration. In addition, book and writer clubs, along with independent film opportunities, were available to adults.

Also in June and July, five open-to-the-public events/concerts were scheduled to complement the summer’s theme. In June, a Wellness Workshop for kids and adults was held with Christine Adler from New Orleans; an exotic animals (Animal Tales) performance was scheduled and a concert featuring traditional Japanese drums (Tampa Taiko) was booked. In July, a live puppet theatre (Lala Land Puppet Theatre) and puppet craft event was held along with a concert by children’s Grammy Award nominated musician Anna Moo.

“We are ecstatic with the number of participants in this year’s summer program and salute the many adult and young adult volunteers who made this program a success,” Rogers said.

Planning for the summer of 2019 is already underway. Next summer’s theme has already been designated as “Space” with the slogan of “A Universe of Stories” set.

The library’s summer reading program for children and young adults saw a major up-swing in clock hours recorded, Rogers said. This summer young readers kept track of their time on special reading logs and by the end of July had collectively clocked more than 260 hours of reading.

The Destin Library’s summer reading program challenges children ages 4 to 17 to continue reading during the summer months to keep their reading skills sharp. Children ages 4 to 9 are encouraged to read at least 20 minutes a day and young adults are challenged to read at least 45 to 60 minutes each day.