It's been over a year since she passed but Imogene Kelly’s legacy continues to impact the art community.

On Monday, the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation was presented with a $109,000 check by Imogene Kelly’s son, Kent Amos, from the Imogene Kelly Revocable Trust. The first of two checks, the trust will contribute a total of $230,000.

Marcia Hull, the CEO of the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation, said they are beyond thrilled to have received this money and have big plans for the donation.

“What we need in this community is an indoor multi-purpose building,” Hull said. “This is going to be a restricted contribution that will go towards capital for the second phase that is going to include an exhibit space”

The foundation plans to conduct a community needs assessment survey to determine what the main components of the building should be. Then they will redesign the multi-purpose facility to include permanent administrative offices, student and adult art labs/classrooms, culinary kitchen and a flexible event space to host events.

Today’s contribution will go toward an art gallery that will be named the Imogene Kelly Gallery, which will feature various art from children and local and traveling artists.

“We want to do it for the community,” Hull said. “This is to carry on Mattie and Imogene’s legacy.”

Amos said he is looking forward to visiting the finished facility.

“I’m just pleased that she can be in here somewhere and we can come back and see it,” he said. “They’ll be remembered, years and years, my grandmother and (mother), for contributing to the arts here.”

Imogene’s granddaughter, Kelly Amos, said seeing her grandmother’s money go toward the arts is a perfect fit.

“That’s something she would have wished to do while she was here and now that she can do it, now that’s she’s gone, is just incredible and it makes me happy,” Kelly said.