SOUTH WALTON — A South Walton High School teacher was placed on administrative leave just before noon Tuesday after a video was publicized of the teacher cursing and yelling at students.

Principal Alexis Tibbetts confirmed Tuesday Sean Libby — an AP human geography, world geography, personal development and leadership teacher — was placed on leave for using the F-word and other profanities in front of a classroom of students.

A student in the class recorded 1 minute, 26 seconds of the rant. The student's finger was over the camera lens.

In the recording, Libby seems to be upset about his students talking during class time.

"You are shutting the hell up," Libby said in the recording. "Why do I have to flip out on you guys every damn day? 'Cause you keep running your mouths when someone is talking. I can't hear. Now, next step you're outta the f***ing room. We're taking a walk. Because I'm tired of putting up with this. Am I clear on this?"

Some of the students timidly responded, "Yes sir" to Libby's question.

Libby goes on to say that if he has to "flip out again," the students are "taking a walk" and will be gone for three days, which he said could "screw up" their grades for the entire semester.

"When someone is talking, and this goes for your entire high school career, shut the hell up," Libby continued. "It's disrespectful."

Tibbetts was made aware of the incident by a parent just before noon.

However, she had not heard the audio until contacted by the Daily News. After reviewing it, she pulled Libby out of the classroom, talked with him and suspended him pending an investigation.