DESTIN — A teenager faces multiple charges after he allegedly tried to buy a laptop computer Friday morning with an envelope full of blank paper.

The victim from Pensacola said he had arranged a meeting with 17-year old Andrew William Thomas in a parking lot in Destin for the teen to buy his laptop that victim had placed for sale on Facebook Marketplace, according to a news release from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The deal was for Thomas to pay $1,400 in cash. Thomas was in his car with the engine running and told the victim put the computer in a backpack in his car.

Thomas then handed the man a white envelope with “$1,400” written on the outside. When the man opened it to find only pieces of blank paper, Thomas tried to leave, the release said.

The man was hanging on through the window when he said Thomas began hitting him and driving forward, slamming into concrete curbs and a metal pole.

The Sheriff’s Office has charged Thomas with robbery, grand theft, criminal mischief, battery and reckless driving.