No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. When Tina and I were going through extremely difficult times, we knew that God still wanted us to perform random acts of kindness to get to that next level of happiness and success he had prepared for us. Before our financial problems began in 2008, our form of an “act of kindness” was always money, so now we had to get creative. How do we perform any type of kindness when we are sleeping in a car and have $19.70 to our names?

We smiled at every person we passed while walking. Occasionally, we stopped and talked to elderly people on the beach, who obviously needed to tell a little about their past. We didn’t just talk to them, we listened. We picked up trash from whatever parking lot at which we were sleeping. We returned shopping buggies inside the store at Publix and Walmart. There’s always “good” that can be done, no matter what situation you’re in. Don’t get bogged down with self-loathing or derailed from your track to happiness by getting so consumed with your situation that you forget about other people.

I occasionally share an act of kindness, but it’s not for recognition. It’s to inspire others to do a good deed. Never forget, God is who we’re working for. If we are pleasing him, we are doing the most important work there is.

Go out and practice today. I’d absolutely love to hear from you, so please share with me your random acts of kindness and help motivate others to do the same.

Live happy!

Rick Stanfield, a former Missouri State Trooper and entrepreneur who co-founded Sweet Henrietta’s Treats in Santa Rosa Beach, is the author of “I Can And I Will." He can be reached at