Since she was 6-years old, Caroline Majure has been immersed in the music world.

Born in Mississippi, her parents were very involved with her local church and she sang her first song when she was 6. She was a part of multiple musical groups and involved in musical theater throughout college, where she majored in music. But Majure had to leave college early as a result of her grandfather getting sick and started working. She started a band and continued to keep music a priority.

“No matter what else I did in life, music always popped its head up,” Majure said.

In 2012, Majure decided to share her knowledge and passion with others and started the Dreamcatcher Vocal Performance Studio out of the living room of her bayside condo.

“I always say the magic happens behind the couch,” Majure said while pointing to the sound equipment and musical instruments set up by the window behind the couch.

Majure started with just two students and now has 23 full-time and six part-time vocalists that she works with. She said she likes having a small group of students and wants to keep it that way so that she can make sure each performer gets her full attention.

“I’m not looking to grow it anymore because I want to give as much as I possibly can and not burn out,” Majure said. “When they walk in the door, it’s my responsibility to be 100 percent focused on them.”

Unlike other vocal coaches who tend to focus on a more classic style of singing, Majure lets her students pick what they want to sing and helps round out their vocals. She said this helps her students feel a connection to what they’re singing, which helps their stage presence.

“I’m not like any vocal coach I ever had,” Majure said. “I don’t take on a student just to make money, that’s not what it’s about. It’s about teaching confidence, which spills over into every other area of life.”

Regardless of if a singer comes to her for help on a song for an audition or just to become a better singer, Majure said connecting with her students is crucial.

“Connection is everything,” she said. “I like to build a friendship with them because that will build trust and open up communication.”

Majure is also the lead singer for the local band Déjà Vu, a vocal coach to multiple other local bands, and has a military tribute group called the Village Belles.

Regardless of her busy schedule, Majure said she wouldn’t change a thing about it.

“If I die tomorrow, then I’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to do,” she said.