Maybe you’ve been there, because I know I have. I’m innocently scrolling through social media and suddenly I come across a succulent dessert, only to find out it's served only in a city far, far away.

We at DN did some research and discovered some of those trending desserts are available on the Emerald Coast. Check out our list, then go try them for yourself. Don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts @NWFDayAndNight because you know you want to make someone else jealous with your find.



Tart Cakes are trending all over Pinterest and Instagram, especially if you are a sweet-tooth foodie. The cakes, which are often in the shape of numbers or letters, feature extravagant toppings such as edible flowers, macaron cookies and fresh fruit.

Locally, tart cakes can be found at The Macaron Chef bakery in Fort Walton Beach made by owners Elisabeta and Jason Jenkins.

“They’ve been around for forever, but the person who made them trend again is Adi Klinghofer, a chef in Israel,” Elisabeta said.

The cakes are 8 to 12 inches wide and traditionally have two layers. At The Macron Chef, Elisabeta said she uses sponge cake, flavored sugar cookie dough, or almond-based macarons as the base, and fills the layers with buttercream, stabilized whip cream or pastry cream.

As for the toppings, well, that’s where the fun comes in.

“They can be literally anything,” Elisabeta said. “You can have berries or fruit, candies and flowers, or even small toys for the kids. These are made to order so I make whatever the customer wants.”

Tart cakes at The Macaron Chef start at $50. The store is at 119 Racetrack Road NW, Suite 119B. For more details, find them on Facebook.



Last year an age-old sneaky treat became a new phenomenon when edible cookie dough stores hit the Big Apple. New York City’s Cookie Do inspired Fort Walton Beach local Leslie Cruz to open her own edible cookie dough storefront. So, in November 2017, Doughlish Edible Cookie Dough and More was born.

“I saw it on social media and there was a big story about the one in New York,” she said. “There were none in the southern area at all. My husband said, ‘Let’s start a cookie dough store,’ and here we are.”

Doughlish offers raw cookie dough that is made safe for consuming by using heat-treated flour and no eggs. Every day there are at least five flavors to choose from with a few staple flavors and at least one weekly special. There is also a new unlimited topping bar upgrade and, of course, baked cookies available.

“Chocolate Chip (cookie dough) is the No. 1 favorite. Then after that it’s neck-and-neck with Cake Batter and Dirty Dough, which is a chocolate base with Oreos and white chocolate chips,” Cruz said about the most popular flavors.

As for its trending status, Cruz said, she doesn’t think edible cookie dough will be going away any time soon.

“It’s a trend, but we don’t really have any dessert places here except like Baskin Robbins, so I had to try it, you know?” she said.

Doughlish Edible Cookie Dough and More is at 446 Racetrack Road NW Unit C. in Fort Walton Beach. For more details, find them on Facebook or call 850-586-7744.



Doughnuts with unusual toppings are trending this year, and Destin has just the place to find them at Destination Little Donuts.

The mom-and-pop shop offers cake doughnuts with a long list of available toppings. Choose from pre-designed doughnuts such as the Apple Pie a la Mode or the Elvis’ Favorite Espresso Yourself, or go wild and create your own decadent flavor.

“The Oreo Cheese Cake is very popular followed by the Cinnamon Roll doughnut,” said owner Sandy Buckley.

If you want a taste of a very unusual doughnut, ask for the kolache. It’s a breakfast sandwich with cheese and smoked sausage, and the bread is – you guessed it – doughnuts.

“It’s a Texan thing,” said Buckley. “We started having calls around spring break, ‘Do you have kolaches?’ and I asked, ‘What’s a kolache?’”

Buckley and her husband, Greg, soon learned a kolache is traditionally a Polish dish served with a croissant and fruit, but when the dessert was brought to Texas, it became a hybrid breakfast sandwich involving cheese and meat on the sweet bread. At Destination Little Donuts, the Buckley’s added their own spin.

“We tried it their way with a yeast roll, but we specialize in doughnuts, so we thought, ‘Why can’t we take a smoked sausage and put it on a doughnut?'”

Destination Little Donuts is at 4463 Commons Drive West Suite C in Destin. For more details, find them on Facebook or call 850-424-5670.



You may have heard of French crepes, but did you know Japan has its own spin on the dessert? Wen Yu, owner of Wild Ginger Hibachi in Fort Walton Beach, has introduced the tasty treat in her restaurant. It comes in both savory and sweet varieties.

“I went to New York and I went to one of these Japanese crepe stores and the idea caught my attention so I tried one,” Wen said of her inspiration for the crepes. “With the first bite, I fell in love.”

Wen explained the difference between a French and a Japanese crepe has mainly to do with the batter.

“The traditional crepe is French and it is very rich and moist,” she said. “In Japan, they have these trends, so they use gluten free batter and it makes the crepes crispy, which also helps it hold up the food better and make a great presentation.”

Besides the batter, the other difference is the toppings, and at Wild Ginger Hibachi you may truly feel like you are in Japan. In addition to well known toppings, such of fresh fruit, Oreos and M&Ms, Wild Ginger offers flavored mochi, matcha ice cream, and Japanese cookies, such as Pocky and Koala’s March.

“It’s great,” Wen said of the reaction to the crepes. “Most people have never seen anything like it before, and a small group of people are afraid to try it, but they keep looking and trying to figure out what is inside it.”

While at Wild Ginger Hibachi, patrons can also try bubble waffles, a waffle made with a chewy, sweet batter and served with two scoops of ice cream and your choice of toppings. The bubble waffle was first made popular in Hong Kong.

Wild Ginger Hibachi is at 415A Mary Esther Cut-Off, Fort Walton Beach. For more details, visit, find them on Facebook or call 850-362-7408.