Almost immediately after Hurricane Michael hit Northwest Florida, our area students began asking about ways they could help their neighbors to the east.

Dr. Alexis Tibbetts, principal of South Walton High School, shared vital volunteer information.

“The National Guard will not let anyone into the neighborhoods that need the most help at this time,” she wrote in an email.

This makes sense, cutting down on the possibility of looters or introducing crime into already distressed neighborhoods.

Tibbetts suggested that students and educators visit

Anyone wishing to volunteer should also complete a registration form, which can be found at

Another option is to call Volunteer Florida at 800-FLHELP1 (800-354-3571).

“The (SWHS) football players spent (Oct. 16) in Bay County delivering much needed supplies and cleaning debris,” Tibbetts also said.

“Our school is cooperating with the Walton School District Transportation Department to Stuff a Bus with needed supplies, and our Student Government Association and Fellowship of Christian Athletes are helping Destiny Worship Center and Point Washington Methodist collect additional items,” she continued.

“Our softball team delivered a large truck of supplies for Jinx Middle School to the collection site at Freeport Elementary School,” Tibbetts added, noting that the Freeport Elementary School principal Kristin Lewis once served as an administrator at Jinx Middle School in Bay County.

The FES donations will be delivered this weekend.


Walton School District transportation coordinator Dennis Grey arranged with district schools to provide a bus parked in front of the schools for its Stuff the Bus hurricane relief supplies program.

Paxton School and Freeport High School administrators were among the first to say yes.

Items needed include anything that can assist daily hygiene: toothbrushes, toothpastes, baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, waterless shampoo, lotion, ethnic hair products, toilet paper, soaps of any kind, diapers, baby food, water and nonperishable foods.

Remember that women have different hygiene needs than men. Supplies specific for women will be helpful.

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