Since The Sun does not have an official sports desk, occasionally the job ends up in my bailiwick. As luck would have it, this time it fell when the University of Georgia, aka Harvard of the South, defends it’s SEC championship. The Sun’s brain trust only wanted something related to financial planning. Here it is: Spend less than you make, everything else is details. Granted the details can often be complicated and complex, but there are no silver bullets if your spending is not under control. No magical investment or super sweet deal will bail out a spendthrift.

Beating Alabama will be difficult. The Crimson Tide could be college football’s best team ever. A month ago Georgia had a one in 20 chance of winning, but the odds are closer today, maybe one in five. However, Georgia is banged up on offense and defense. Unless people get well, the chances of the Chapel bell ringing drop sharply.

Georgia has to beat Georgia Tech. The SEC should institute a rule denying a championship to any team that loses to Tech. Georgia should win, but remember Georgia Tech and The Citadel run the same offense. Except Tech has bigger and better athletes than The Citadel, who gashed Alabama for 275 yards rushing. If Georgia loses to Tech, take Alabama minus whatever the spread is; Georgia will get beat all the way to Athens.

Let’s not overlook the most important thing, Georgia can’t beat a team as good as Alabama if the officials get involved. While I’ve never picked up a football rule book in my life, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Close calls can go either way, but the phantom calls Alabama gets strain credibility. If you believe the Alabama calls are legitimate, please stop driving. With vision that poor, you pose a danger to other drivers.

Georgia has to win the kicking game. Rod needs to nail a 55 yarder as he did in the Rose Bowl. Alabama struggles with placekicking; maybe the Dawgs block one or Bama misses a chip shot. Maybe Hardman cracks a long punt return. Georgia doesn’t have an SEC caliber punter. Conversely, a shank at a critical time could doom Georgia’s chances.

To win, Georgia will have to get lucky, extremely lucky, not lottery-winning lucky but close. The loose balls have to bounce their way or out of bounds depending on the circumstances. Tipped passes have to fall incomplete or to friendly paws. The legendary Larry Munson often reminded listeners Lady Luck was a fickle lass.

Georgia can beat Alabama if they run efficiently and effectively, easier said than done. If either Swift, No. 7, or Holyfield, No. 13, has 100 yards rushing, Georgia wins.

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