It’s been two years since Legendary President and CEO Peter Bos announced that he was planning on moving forward with the second and final phase of the HarborWalk Village development but there hasn’t been any progress since.

In November 2016, Boss told The Log that the new development phase would come to fruition by the beginning of 2017. But obviously, that didn’t happen.

“We’re deferring until it’s amicably justifiable,” Bos said in a phone interview with The Log. “The condominium market is still lagging behind the single family market and we’re not catching up to what’s going on in 30A, which is helping the Destin market but we really haven’t recovered from the recession yet to justify it.”

The next phase, nicknamed Baby Grande, includes a 90-room hotel, a 51-unit condominium building, a “mega pool,” retail and restaurant space and a parking lot on a 9-acre lot at the southeastern corner of Harbor Boulevard and Stahlman Avenue where a parking lot and Coyote Ugly currently stand.

Coyote Ugly opened in 2013 and bills itself as a bar/saloon with bartenders who dance on tables. It occupies the building that previously housed Shed BBQ & Blues Joint.

But in January 2017, Bos told the log that he didn’t have any immediate plans to tear down Coyote Ugly anytime soon.

“In the master plan, that building is supposed to be coming down. And we’re contemplating building a replacement space for Coyote Ugly in the new construction,” Bos said in a 2017 phone interview with The Log. “Coyote Ugly is doing very well and we have no near terms plans to displace or relocate them.”

A portion of phase II of HarborWalk Village has already been built, which includes Margaritaville and the tall zip line building.

“HarborWalk has always been one project, not two projects,” Bos said during a previous interview. “We’ve been building as the economy goes. The new architecture and new phase will be more casual than the Emerald Grande.”

As far as parking goes, Bos said he is committed to building more than the required parking for the new building phase, which will include a structured parking deck.