The Holiday Isle Improvement Association is being sued by over 30 current and former residents of Holiday Isle.

In a recent lawsuit filed on Dec. 4, the association as a whole is being sued for breach of contract while eight of its board members are being sued for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duties.

Roderic Cascio, Scott Fischer, David Schuessler, Rick Chappell, Suzann Cieutat, Darryl Shelton, Guy Tadlock and Keith Hinrichs are the board members named in the suit.

The case cites instances of discrimination, record irregularities, pornography, disparate treatment, misapplication of funds and illegal behavior by the association and its officers.

The improvement association declined to comment on this story Tuesday morning, stating they had not been served the suit. Calls to Matthews & Jones, the Destin law firm representing the plaintiffs, who are seeking damages of more than $15,000, with the final amount being determined in trial, seeking comment on this story were not returned by deadline.

Since at least 2016, according to the lawsuit, the HIIA has failed to maintain accurate meeting minutes. The lawsuit alleges that meeting minutes were created by various people to reflect what the board preferred, rather than what actually happened at the meetings.

The lawsuit also states that Tadlock and Shelton allegedly directed association staff and employees to destroy evidence and records and that Tadlock allegedly asked employees to destroy voice recordings of meetings where board members used expletive words and discussed support for Fischer's campaign for mayor.

Other complaints leveled at the improvement association in the lawsuit are:

• The board allegedly has held meetings without proper notice and is accused of denying access to members of the association.

• Not providing agendas in advance.

• Shelton is accused of telling a female employee that they were going to watch lesbian porn in the HIIA office together.

• The board is accused of planning and intentionally fining and penalizing short-term rental properties. Various officers are accused of trespassing on properties where weddings were scheduled and confronting key wedding personnel. Some board members have “reduced brides to tears hours before events,” according to the lawsuit.

• Tadlock was singled out in the lawsuit for allegedly stating the goal of changing the protective covenants and restrictions was to get rid of rentals to people of color. The lawsuit also states Tadlock supposedly told a member that the rules only applied to the people the HIIA didn’t like.

The HIIA has also been accused of claiming that they have not changed their governing documents and engaging in campaigning activities to promote or oppose candidates for public office.

Earlier this year, The Log reported that the HIIA was giving citations to residents who posted signs in their yard in support of Gary Jarvis’ campaign for mayor. Jarvis was running against former mayor and HIIA director, Scott Fischer. Multiple residents who posted signage supporting Fischer did not receive citations. Signage rules for Holiday Isle state that only “For Rent” or “For Sale” signs shorter than four feet tall and two feet square in any given area are allowed.