Readers, one would suppose, are aware that the Walton County Snowbirds talk often and extensively about the raft of opportunities the club offers for social, intellectual, and athletic activities. Enough already, some might say. OK then, let’s talk about something else. Like why do so many snowbirds attend the club’s general meetings, upwards of 600 at the two meetings held in January and two more in the month of February? Just what is going on there that we should know about, eh?

General meetings take place in the modern and spacious facilities of the Destin Life Center Building of the Destin United Methodist Church, 200 Beach Drive, where greeters Luan Beach and Jolene Girard are on hand to remind members to register for one of the many door prizes given away at each meeting.

Friendly Emerald Coast advocates arrive early to set up displays of always interesting and often tasty samples of their wares (think Fudpucker's and Culver's among others). Indeed, South Walton Tourist Council attracted much attention at a recent event with a generous supply of useful items. Michael D’Ambra, a Realtor, was there as well, but sadly had no free samples to share. Folks from Blackstone Golf arrived in force along with many other representatives of area businesses who generated a buoyant atmosphere of generosity and good cheer.

Promptly at 10 a.m. as the amiable vendors make a silent departure, the club’s reigning officer calls the meeting to order. This season, it is none other than club president Karen Moosekian who keeps the lively spirit going with an amusing aside and then proceeds with a business agenda typical of all organizations before passing the podium to husband, Joe Moosekian, who introduces the entertainment.

Now, Joe’s job is not easy, not that he is complaining. Getting and keeping street cred from seniors, most of whom have seen it all, can be an eight-day a week job, but Joe has it down because he knows talent. That was amply illustrated when he brought to the stage the saxophonist-vocalist-song writer Michael J Thomas, whose mastery of the saxophone brings absolute silence followed by a standing ovation. No one wants to miss a note especially during his rendition of Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood," “Joy to the World," and other yesteryear standards.

The fun does not end with the final ovation because that is when the prize committee, the husband and wife team of Bruce and Kate Blundell, began calling out winning numbers for a variety of cool members-only door prizes.

It happens all over again on Jan. 9, 2019, same place, same time. See you there.

Tom Mahar writes for the Walton County Snowbirds. He can be reached at