On Tuesday, the Mid-Bay Bridge was suddenly closed for emergency repairs and residents weren’t the only ones who received short notice.

Van Fuller, president of the Mid-Bay Bridge Authority said he found out the bridge was being closed at the same time every one else did. According to Fuller, the Florida Department of Transportation is in charge of all repairs and maintenance for the Mid-Bay Bridge and they’re the ones who decided on the sudden closure.

“They were doing some additional testing in one of the spans that had a deteriorated tendon … and found an additional tendon that needed to be replaced,” Fuller said. “That drove the decision to close the bridge.”

In addition to the inconvenience and increase in traffic on other roads in and out of Destin, many have questioned if the sudden repairs will affect the toll rate to go over the bridge.

“It’s not gonna affect the toll rates at all,” Fuller said.

In addition to going toward paying off the bridge’s debt, Fuller said the money made from tolls also goes towards maintenance, operations and for unexpected situations like this.

“We’ve got enough cash in the bank to make the payments for the repairs,” he said.

Some residents who have to use the bridge daily for work or school are irritated that they won’t get their monthly discount now. Unfortunately, Fuller said there’s nothing the Authority can do about that.

Fuller said repairs like this are typical and FDOT was already scheduled to perform the repairs sometime this month. Throughout this process, the Authority has continued to stress their key concerns to FDOT to make sure they’re on the same page.

“It’s imperative we provide a safe transportation system,” Fuller said. “We need to make sure we get this thing repaired properly, understand why this suddenly came to be and do whatever needs to be done to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”