Okaloosa County School Superintendent Marcus Chambers announced Monday that he had terminated two district administrators.

Chambers request to fire Henry Kelley and Andy Johnson was supported by a 5-0 vote of the Okaloosa County School Board.

Kelley, the one-time School District spokesman, also had headed the School District’s Foundation. Johnson spent 30 years as an educator before Jackson promoted him to Program Director of Student Services, Discipline and Athletics.

There was no discussion of what might have spurred the firings either before or after Monday's vote. Both men had been subject to criticism by the grand jury that last year looked into policies and procedures employed by the School District.

"Marcus is the executive officer of the district. He deserves to hire a team he has confidence in," board member Dewey Destin said following the meeting.

Following the vote in favor of termination, Chambers read the board a version of a statement he had sent to media outlets earlier in the day.

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“After careful consideration, I have made the decision to recommend the terminations of Henry Kelley and Andy Johnson, effective immediately. While initially I had no plans of making any immediate personnel moves, I feel compelled to do so in these instances,” Chambers said. “As superintendent, my foremost priorities are to ensure the safety of our students and re-establish the community’s confidence in the District to handle things the right way.”

Chambers, who replaced Mary Beth Jackson as superintendent following Jackson’s Jan. 11 suspension, said the School District “is moving in a new and different direction that will emphasize legal compliance, accountability and transparency.”

“These personnel decisions are consistent with these priorities and principles,” Chambers said in his statement. “Moving forward I pledge to devote my full energy and attention in furtherance of these priorities and will endeavor to manage the District in accordance with these principles.”

Both Kelley and Johnson were discussed in grand jury reports critical of Jackson and the School District. Jurors urged the State Attorney to charge Kelley with violating the Sunshine Law after learning he had turned over documents exempt from public scrutiny to a television reporter.

Kelley was charged and pleaded no guilty to the non-criminal charges. He paid a fine.

Jurors said they found Johnson to be evasive when he was called before them to testify.

“When answering questions before the grand jury, Johnson frequently answered that he could not remember. He also gave answers that were inconsistent with previous statements,” the grand jury said. “While we do not find his behavior before the grand jury criminal, we do find it concerning and worthy of note in this report.”