The 1st Judicial Circuit Law Enforcement Association recently presented a check for $750 to Children In Crisis. The funds will be used to continue the CIC child safety and educational programs. The support will make a significant positive impact on the children that will have a home at the CIC Neighborhood.

“The donation from the 1st Judicial Circuit Law Enforcement Association was truly a blessing," said Ken Hair, CIC president/CEO. "We provide a home to about 100 children every year and most are exposed to at-risk environments. This donation will be an enormous help with our safety educational programs to keep our kids on track.”

Children in Crisis is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), charity of caring people that are passionate about helping with the severe shortage of foster homes in our community. The CIC Neighborhood provides an emergency shelter for children that are removed from an unsafe environment on short notice and homes to help with the foster home shortage.

Since the opening, over 900 children have been given a home, food, clothing and love. Additionally, all of CIC's brother and sister family sibling groups have been kept together.

For additional information on CIC or ways to support the CIC vision, visit or call 864-4242.