Joe Pike of Rick’s Crab Trap has been bartending ever since he was old enough because the family-owned restaurant on Eglin Parkway really takes the whole family.

“I’m part of the family business here. My father is Rick, and me and my brother run the place,” Pike said. “I keep the beer, liquor and wine stocked, and he makes sure we have good food.”

Now in it’s 30th year, Rick’s is a locals spot, and the drinks are part of what keeps the place a local watering hole.

“One of the ones that we’ve had as a mainstay for probably for over 10 years now is the Absolute Stress,” Pike said. “That’s like a classic fruity-tasting drink. It goes really well in the summertime. It’s got pineapple juice in it and a little bit of coconut rum to kind of give it an island flavor.”

The top-selling drink, and also the signature sip, is the Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini.

“One of the ones we’ve been selling the most of are the Raspberry Lemon Drops,” Pike said. “Those come out really good with the Deep Eddy’s Vodka. The Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini is probably my favorite to make. It’s got a really nice color to it, it’s a good looking drink and it also tastes great.”

When it comes to his own liquor of choice, Pike said he’ll take almost anything.

“I pretty much drink anything but gin,” he said laughing.

As for his free time, Pike said he doesn’t have much of it anymore, so he just does the next best thing.

“I watch a lot of sports. I guess that goes with working behind the bar,” he said. “I watch a lot of football, hockey and soccer. I used to play sports and surf a lot, too, but I don’t have a lot of time for that anymore.”

Rick's Crab Trap is at 178 Eglin Pkwy. N.E. in Fort Walton Beach. Hours are 11 a.m.-9 p.m. daily except for Tuesdays when the restaurant is closed. For more information, visit or call 850-664-0110.