When it comes to numbers, Northwest Florida’s snowbirds are some of the best mathematicians around. Each snowbird club keeps a running tally of how many members they have and where they hail from. Some even have comparison numbers from past years.

“It’s just data. A lot of the members like to know how many members are from their locations,” said Ken Lemire, data keeper for the Destin Snowbird Club. “It’s a matter of record keeping, and the information we put out helps us keep track of our membership in all aspects of the club.”

For the 2018-19 season so far, the Destin Snowbird Club has 2,120 members. The largest turnouts hailing from Michigan (330), Ontario (320), Minnesota (240) and Wisconsin (176).

“That is pretty well standard,” Lemire said. “I think it’s a geographic thing. They are straight above the state, so it’s a straight run down.”

Jane Chadderdon, who is in charge of data entry for the Walton County Snowbirds Club, said she has noticed a similar trend.

“They come directly south,” she said. “I’m from Vermont, and all of my friends come down (U.S. Highway) 95 and go further south. I guess when you find a beach you stop.”

The Walton County club currently has 1,464 members. The biggest states and provinces mirror Destin’s club with Ontario (240), Michigan (208), Minnesota (133) and Wisconsin (125).

“Michigan, since I’ve been doing it, has the top number with over 200 people,” Chadderdon said. “And Ontario is our highest Canadian province, but the (weakened) Canadian dollar seems to affect our membership, too. We are actually down a little bit than we have been in past years.”

Lemire, who is from Ontario, said that the Destin club has also seen a slow decline in Canadian members.

“The total number of Canadian members now stands at 350, the lowest number since at least 1998,” said Lemire, who added that is the lowest percentage of Canadian members in 15 years.

As for the Fort Walton Beach Snowbird Club, which totals 624 members, the highest membership states are Minnesota (122), Wisconsin (92) and Michigan (90).

“Our snowbird club has members from 28 states within the United States and we have members from Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec,” said Larry Proper, publicity director for the Fort Walton Beach club.