Tricking your body into thinking it’s in hypothermia doesn’t sound like a good idea, but that’s exactly what a new business in Destin wants to do.

Cryo850 is the only performance and recovery center that offers a nitrogen-free whole body cryotherapy experience in North Florida.

According to its website, cryotheraphy is therapy designed to lower the skin temperature and accelerate the body’s natural rejuvenation. For two to three minutes, clients stand in a small “igloo” that uses dry air to drop the body surface temperature by approximately 35-40 degrees. The process helps speed muscle recovery while releasing endorphins and adrenaline.

General Manager Amy Milligan said cryotherapy can help with chronic pain and disease, mood disorders and athletic performance as well as boost metabolism and serve as an anti-aging treatment.

The cryotheraphy “igloo” resembles a large, walk-in freezer with a glass door. Local artist Joey Cantin of Sunscapes Art painted the outside of the room to look like an igloo.

“We are the only igloo in the country,” Milligan said. “All the other locations have a big white box but we wanted to bring something a little more fun to the Emerald Coast and we’re really proud to have a local artist who put the whole thing together.”

Athletes such as Destin native and professional tennis player Alexa Guarachi have been using cryotherapy to aid their recovery for years.

“I need to recover pretty quick so I can train again that same day and get the most out of my workouts and practices,” Guarachi said. “Ice baths are great but you have to be in those longer and it’s a little more painful. The igloo here gets so much colder and you feel the benefits faster.”

In addition to cryotherapy, Cryo850 offers other treatments and services such as red-light therapy, body contouring, therapeutic massage, yoga and compression therapy.

The red-light therapy offers more efficient and isolated active recovery when combined with cryotherapy, according to Milligan. In addition to helping with wrinkles, skin conditions and flushing toxins from muscle tissue, the red light therapy is scientifically proven to increase testosterone in men.

“It’s basically like being in the sun for eight hours except you’re getting all the benefits without the harmful UV,” Milligan said.

After working with the company for four years, Milligan believed it was important to bring cryotherapy to the Destin area to help a wide range of clients.

“We came to Destin so we could service the whole area,” she said. “Not just Destin but also Fort Walton and the military bases because military members need that recovery more than anyone.”

Cryo850 offers three different memberships based on the number of visits per week. For more information about memberships or the new center, visit