EGLIN AFB — A model of the Air Force's latest weapon, the air-launched StormBreaker smart bomb, was added to the exhibits at the Air Force Armament Museum earlier this week.

The actual bombs, developed with the Arizona-based Raytheon Company as the prime contractor, will make their first appearance later this year on F-15 Strike Eagle fighter jets, and will be available as part of F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter jet armament by 2022, according to Col. Jason Rusco, the Air Force's project manager for StormBreaker.

“We are two-thirds complete with operational test," Rusco said as the StormBreak model was presented to the museum on Wednesday afternoon. That testing, Rusco added, "should wrap up this summer, and later in the year we expect the weapon will be fielded.”

As a guided weapon, the StormBreaker is able to detect, track and destroy stationary or moving targets over significant distances in all weather conditions. In addition to the F-15 and F-35, the bomb is also designed for use from some versions of the the F-16 and F-18 fighter jets.

According to a news release on the presentation of the StormBreaker to the Armament Museum, the weapon "will close a capability gap and use the latest technology to enable pilots to hit moving targets in adverse weather."

“Weather, fog, haze, dust — StormBreaker will render those things irrelevant on the battlefield,” Cristy Stagg, StormBreaker program director for Raytheon Missile Systems, said at Wednesday's presentation ceremony.