DESTIN — A new sushi restaurant will supply the rolls — and the rock — when it opens today.

Rock N Roll Sushi at 4421 Commons Drive E. in Destin is a franchise restaurant known for its themed sushi such as the Elvis, Tommy Lee, Cindy Lauper and Bob Marley rolls. The restaurant is a shrine for the rock legends of old, where videos of their performances play on a continuous loop for diners.

Owners Rameh Khazen and Bob Lee said they decided to open the franchise's 32nd restaurant after seeing its success in their hometown of Mobile, Alabama.

"It's a blend of Asian-American cuisine," Khazen said Monday. "It's a good way to get introduced to sushi if you've never had it before. It's a fun, casual atmosphere. We have beer and wine and customers can watch their sushi get made at the bar."

"Opening Acts," or appetizers as they're more popularly known, include $6.95 jalapeno poppers, $6.95 Asian boom boom shrimp and the $11.95 Rockin' Lobster served on a bed of spring mix. The sushi rolls range from the $9.95 Velcro Pygmies spicy tuna roll to the $15.95 Led Zeppelin Roll with fried soft shell crab.

The hibachi includes the $12.95 chicken, $17.95 filet mignon, $14.95 shrimp and $18.95 lobster. The rockin' solo hibachi is served with fried rice and vegetables.

For dessert, customers can chose among the fried or regular cheesecake, Ice Cream for Adults with vodka or the Stairway to Heaven fried brownie served with ice cream.

Khazen said the opening of Rock-N-Roll Sushi in Destin was delayed after Hurricane Michael. The owners had leased the property for nearly a year before its soft opening Wednesday.

"We wanted a location that would appeal to both tourists and locals," Khazen said. "This area is perfect because it's high visibility, it's right by Publix, and people drive through here when traffic is bad.

"We're excited to finally be open," he added. "We're excited for people to try us. We're mostly excited for people to no longer ask us when we're going to open. We're open Wednesday."

Rock N Roll Sushi will open every day from 11 a.m.-10 p.m.