The American dream of home ownership is closer to reality for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission employee Kelly Williams.

Last Friday, March 29, the 30-year-old biologist won the lottery for the opportunity to buy a brand new two-bedroom house in Apalachicola. The reproduction shotgun at 151 Willie Speed Boulevard was built by Save Our Shotguns Apalachicola Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to creating affordable energy-efficient housing and preserving the city’s historic structures.

The house, appraised at $178,000, will be sold at cost for $125,000. To qualify, applicants had to earn less than $50,000, have lived or worked in Apalachicola for at least a year, not currently own a house, and pre-qualify for a mortgage.

Three people pre-qualified and were entered in the drawing. Kelly’s name was picked out of a basket by Apalachicola resident Allen Jones, who helped finance the project, along with a myriad of donations from friends and supporters.