EGLIN AFB — Flight operations at Eglin Air Force Base have been shifted from the east-to-west Runway 12/30 to north-to-south Runway 01/19 — just south of the cities of Niceville and Valparaiso — to facilitate construction and repaving of Runway 12/30, according to a Friday announcement from Team Eglin Public Affairs.

The shift began April 22, and is expected to continue for 45 work days, not accounting for potential weather delays. In the meantime, Eglin is taking steps to minimize any noise impacts on the community.

First, in connection with the shift to Runway 01/19, most Eglin AFB operations will be conducted in a "south flow" configuration, meaning that aircraft will land from the north and take off to the south. Under that configuration, aircraft will depart Eglin away from Niceville and Valparaiso, according to the Friday announcement from Team Eglin, over a largely undeveloped part of the Eglin range.

In addition to that adjustment, some routine flight work has been shifted to Duke Field, an auxiliary airfield north of Eglin, "to the maximum extent possible," according to the announcement.

Also according to the announcement, some flight operations of F-22 fighter jets and other aircraft "have been reduced throughout the construction period to further minimize exposure to noise."

The runway work is being done in accordance with a 2015 environmental impact document detailing how operations of the F-35 fighter jets based at Eglin are to be conducted, according to Team Eglin Public Affairs.