Destin Water Users placed first in the "Olympics of the Water Industry" this year.

The Florida Regional Ops Challenge, as its officially named, follows teams of four as they compete in a series of events, including process control, laboratory, maintenance, collections and safety. 

The Destin Water Users' team, named "Positive Influents," placed first in both the process control and laboratory events. They then took first place overall in this year's Ops Challenge, automatically entering them to compete in the national competition.

Held at The Water Environment Federation’s 92nd Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference, the national competition accepts the top performing teams at the Florida Regional Ops Challenge.

Destin Water Users was one of the smallest and only private organizations competing in their third Ops Challenge, representing its 65 employees.

“We always enjoy attending these events every year, being able to network, connect, and compete with other industry professionals in the state,” said Logan Law, who led this year's team. “We’re going against bigger cities with bigger resources, and sometimes we have to use our imagination when training in order to come out on top.”