Dear editor,

We are part-time residents here on Miramar Beach, which means we are here more than just the occasional vacation week or two. I am reading a lot about the extra tax/fee added to shopping receipts at Destin Commons and other such shopping centers along the stretch from Sandestin all the way to Harbor Walk. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of in a long, long time.

I don't go to Destin Commons to be entertained! I go to shop! If I want entertainment all I have to do is go sit in front of Starbucks or on a bench anywhere on the main strip and watch the never ending parade of tourists walk by. You see any and everything there. Why would I want to pay for entertainment when I can get all I need for free for hours on end?

I had never seen any entertainment at Destin Commons I would consider worthy of paying for in all the years Destin Commons has been open. We have been coming here since 1982 and have been owners since 1999. We loved the area long before it became another PCB. It is not near as nice as it was when we bought our home here. It has become just another money-hungry, greedy and tacky beach destination that has lost the beauty and flavor that was the very reason we chose to buy here instead of PCB or in Daytona Beach or any other of the touristy places.

I avoid Harbor Walk and Baytowne Wharf like the plague during high season and do a lot of my shopping at the Silver Sands outlets. I do some shopping at a few stores in the Commons that are my favorites and we go to the movies there some when we are here, but I don’t go to there to be “entertained." That is what entertainment venues are for. The upscale boutiques that I once shopped at are mostly gone now and that really bothers me. These were the best of the best and now are no more. I know we have some around, but I won't try to get out on the roads in all the traffic, because we have far too many people here in spring and summer when I love to be here the most.

We come in all seasons and are here in winter almost as much as in spring, but our area has changed so much and it is not good change.

Just my opinion of why we bought here and why we may get out soon.

People say money is the root of all isn’t the money that is’s the love of it and the greed that goes with it that makes it evil.

Nancy Gravitt,

Gainesville, Georgia and Miramar Beach

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