BLUEWATER BAY — Beginning Saturday, May 25, White Point Road and Lakeshore Drive will be closed to through traffic headed south to State Road 293 and the Mid-Bay Bridge. The closure, which will be from noon to 6 p.m., will only take place on Saturdays. 

The closure will end after Labor Day, according to a press release from Okaloosa County.

The closure is intended to maintain traffic safety and relieve residents on those roads from traffic congestion brought about by tourists following electronic traffic instructions taking a detour through residential neighborhoods on their way to tourist destinations on the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to message boards along State Road 20 and State Road 293, sheriff's deputies will patrol the area and enforce the blockade on the SR 293 southbound entry/exit ramps.

The County Commission also reminds visitors or people without a registered SunPass to bring cash with them to pay the toll.

Traffic patterns heading north away from the bridge will proceed as normal on all roads.