FORT WALTON BEACH — A Fort Walton Beach Chinese restaurant was shut down last week after 50 live roaches were found in the kitchen.


China Taste at 255 Miracle Strip Parkway SE temporarily closed on May 22 after inspectors discovered 26 live roaches on the floor, wall and shelving by the ice machine and hand sink. The live roaches were a repeated violation, according to the incident report.

There were 25 violations in total. Some of the more serious violations included the restaurant advertising crab on the menu board, but serving imitation crab. The cutting boards were also stained/soiled at the cook line.

The investigators returned the following day to discover approximately 50 live roaches. Fifteen were in the plastic instruction sleeve on the back of the reach freezer, 10 were between two upright reach-in freezers and 25 were between gaps on shelving in the kitchen. Time was extended for the issue to be handled.

The cutting boards were still soiled the second day and the menu still advertised crab, the report said.

The investigators returned for the third time Friday.

No roaches were present inside the restaurant, the report said. Time was extended for the third time, however, for the imitation crab meat to be advertised correctly.

China Taste was allowed to reopen Friday.