OKALOOSA ISLAND — As Memorial Day visitors rolled out of town, June grass rolled in along stretches of Okaloosa Island beaches.

The thick green algae, which is not harmful but can be annoying, is a frequent visitor during the warm summer months.

When it kept visitors off his stretch of beach Wednesday, local artist Damiond Jefferson, who works as a beach attendant, decided to have some fun.

The Shalimar man made a "snowman" out of the slimy weed and called it Mr. Al Gee.

"He's so funny and creative with his artwork and T-shirts," said his wife, Angela Jefferson, who posted photos of her husband with the green snowman.

"It's definitely getting people's (attention)," she added of her social media posts.

Damiond told his wife the grass was "inches thick" in places.

Okaloosa Beach Safety Coordinator Rich Huffnagle said the algae is sporadic throughout the summer months.

"We'll get these pockets of it," he said. "It's heavier where the rip currents are located. It collects at the head of the rip current."

He said that although Okaloosa Island does have some patches, beachgoers can find stretches of clear water and sand there as well.

"I've seen it a lot worse over the years," Huffnagle said.

To see more of Damiond's art, go to  HuemonGrind.com.