FORT WALTON BEACH — Billy Bowlegs wasn't the only person arrested during the 64th annual pirate festival this year, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Celebrated the first weekend in June, the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival attracts hundreds of boaters to Santa Rosa Sound near the Fort Walton Landing. While Capt. Billy and his krewe battle local law enforcement ashore, boaters enjoy booze and entertainment on the water.

The FWC estimated that 500 to 600 boaters gathered this year. Of those, 18 were arrested for boating under the influence.

There also were 18 arrests last year and 13 arrests in 2017.

FWC officers also gave boaters 165 written warnings and 59 uniform boating citations. There were 112 written warnings and 65 citations last year and 35 warnings and 33 citations in 2017.