Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation found 100 hard rodent droppings at the Subway. They were allowed to re-open the next day after the issues were resolved.

SHALIMAR — Subway Sandwiches at 1261 Eglin Parkway in Shalimar was temporarily shut down last week after inspectors found rodent droppings inside the restaurant.


There were approximately 100 hard, dry droppings on the floor under shelves with paper products, on the table/counter with cups on it and other places in the restaurant on July 23, according to a report from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

There was another high priority violation after inspectors found that the sanitizing solution for the dishes exceeded the maximum concentration allowed. There was also an intermediate violation for a manager not having proof of his/her food certification and a basic violation for having a gap at the threshold of a door that opened to the outside.

Inspectors returned the following day and the restaurant was allowed to reopen after the high-priority violations were resolved.