Angela Spengler has been entering recipe contests for 10 years. She has won many of the contests that she has entered. Her most recent win came during a Taste of Home breakfast for dinner contest.

NICEVILLE — Angela Spengler has been entering recipe contests for 10 years, but her most recent win came during a Taste of Home contest.

Spengler, who lives in Niceville, is an avid reader of the food magazine. When she saw the announcement for the online “breakfast for dinner” recipe contest, she knew just what to enter: her Sweet Potato Dutch Baby with Praline Syrup recipe.

The dish takes 40 minutes to make and consists of a puffy oven-baked pancake made with sweet potatoes served with a syrup and pecan mixture.

“I remember spending the night at a friend’s house when I was little and her mom would make Dutch babies,” Spengler said of her inspiration behind the dish. “I decided I could do a twist and change a childhood favorite to reflect some of my favorite flavors.”

Spengler said she has been making the dish for three or four years, but coming up with the recipe only took her a day.

“I’m not a chef,” Spengler said. “I’m pretty use to cooking and baking because it has always been a hobby of mine. I’m used to knowing what flavors work well together.”

When she entered the Taste of Home contest, she had to send the recipe to the magazine’s test kitchen, where it was made several times by different chefs to find out if the recipe performed the same way each time.

Spengler was thrilled to find out her recipe had won first place.

“To me, cooking and baking is artistic,” Spengler said. “When you’re creating your own recipe, you are making something new to share with others. So to have others appreciate what I created made me feel really good.”

Spengler received a cash prize for the winning recipe. She encourages anyone who likes creating recipes to consider entering a contest.

“It is a hobby people don’t really think of,” Spengler said. “The opportunities that come with it are amazing.”

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