I would like to respond to David Kamin’s letter, “Gun control, again.” (Aug. 28 edition).

Some people just don’t get it and have to be told over and over again, and still can’t apply common sense or reasoning to their thought prepress. If anyone believes that if just simply doing away with these weapons will stop the killings, they are another naive one lost in society and can’t be reasoned with because of lack of common sense. Mentally ill people are still going to kill others until they are handled properly.

So, if we use the same logic that Kamin is using in wanting to be rid of this type of weapon, then why stop there?

Why are Corvettes, Porsches and other sports cars legal? Why does anyone (other than cops) need to reach speeds of 180+ mph? There is no practical use for them, so let’s ban them!

Why does anyone (other than ranchers/farmers) need big trucks? Especially city folk. There is no need for them, so let’s ban them, too. Why does anyone ever need to drink alcohol? There is no practical use for it, so ban it, too!

It’s called personal choices, and I choose to own several of these weapons and intend to have them forever. 

And we need to focus on curing the people, not eliminating everything we are afraid of. Remember that 9/11 killed a lot of people without one gun being fired. Remember the Oklahoma City bombing killed a lot of people and again, not one gun was fired.

So for those who think like Kamin, I ask you to actually think outside the box and stop being sheep and actually help in the cause of curing mental illness rather than focusing on one factor that already proved once not to work!

I love shooting my guns (even after being in the military for 31 years) and like shooting my semi-automatic weapons at paper and other targets (not squirrels) and will continue to do so as others continue to drive fast sport cars and large trucks and drink their alcohol. Because it’s a freedom we have.

Please direct your efforts to solving mental health issues!

Gary Liddell, Holt