A combined 10 people were rescued from the Gulf over Labor Day weekend in Okaloosa Island and Navarre Beach.

Ten people were rescued from the Gulf of Mexico over Labor Day weekend on Okaloosa Island and Navarre Beach.

According to Austin Turnbull, beach safety director for Navarre Beach Fire Rescue, all six of his rescues were rip current-related.

"Sunday, the surf picked up and we had to go to red flag ... and that's when we had most of our rescues," Turnbull said.

Okaloosa Beach Safety Chief Rich Huffnagle said the other four rescues included included two teenagers that "got out a little too far," a man and a child. Although a slight rip current was present, he said beach conditions were mostly good.

None of the weekend's rescues required advanced life support.

"It was busier due to the evacuees that are in the area," Huffnagle said. "It seemed everyone was having a good time."

There were no water rescues in South Walton and Destin.

David Vaughan, beach director for South Walton Fire District, said a few jellyfish were his area's only problems.

"It was crowded, but things went relatively smoothly," he said.

In Destin, offshore winds kept jellyfish away, and Joe D'Agostino, beach safety chief for the Destin Fire Department, reported "smooth sailing."

Although the holiday drew large crowds to the coast, beach conditions in Okaloosa, Destin and South Walton were mostly calm. For Navarre, officials said conditions worsened as the weekend went on.

"It was super quiet," Vaughan said. "All we had to do was chase some floats."