A Florida man has a solution for combating Hurricane Dorian -- old fashioned ice.

Hurricane Dorian is finally moving away from Grand Bahama -- and one Florida man has a solution for defeating Hurricane Dorian. Old fashioned ice.

A video of a Florida man explaining his theory of how the U.S. military can overcome the storm has been viewed over 12 million times, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The clip was posted by a Florida Today reporter on Sunday and has gathered over 13,000 likes.

“We have a Navy. Why don’t the Navy come and drop ice in the warm water so they can’t get going as fast as it’s going?” the Palm Bay man said.

From a mobile home park in Palm Bay, this man has some ideas on how the military could stop hurricanes.#HurricaneDorianpic.twitter.com/JAiFJ7QAOc

— tyler vazquez (@tyler_vazquez)September 1, 2019

The unnamed Floridian also suggested military planes could solve the issue.
“We have an Air Force. Drive some Air Force planes around to get the winds going the opposite way. The Navy to go in circles to fly it the other way,'' he said.

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