A Florida police officer rescued a six-week-old puppy that was too young to be placed in a shelter cage. The officer named her "Dory" after Hurricane Dorian.

While waiting on the arrival of Hurricane Dorian, Fort Pierce police officers Martin Ortiz and Michel Jean received a call from a local resident who needed help. She stated that she was struggling and unable to care for a puppy.

The department stated on their Facebook page that because the puppy is only six weeks old, it was too young to be placed in a shelter cage.
Officer Jean, who took “an immediate liking to the pup,” reached out to his family on FaceTime.
Once he showed his wife and son the Brindle Pittie they “immediately fell in love with the cute four-legged puppy and decided that she would be the newest addition to their home.”
After a little “nudging” from some of the other officers, it was decided that her name would be Dory after the Hurricane Dorian.
During hurricane season you can reach out to your local shelter or the SPCA for tips and advice on how to best prep to take care of your pets during a storm. They may also have information on pet-friendly hotels and shelters that can prove useful. You can also contact them to see how you can help pets who may need fostering at this time.

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