MILTON — Milton has a new place to relax and dine with the opening of Wacked Out Weiner on Stewart Street.

Manager Jaqueline Dieterich said that she and her husband, Russell, decided to open the restaurant after they became interested in the idea from speaking to one of the franchise's owners and learning about the creativeness of the restaurant.

"I always wanted to have a restaurant," Jaqueline said. "(The franchise founder) just did an amazing job of creating dogs and it just really peeked our interest and Milton really needed something."

The Dieterichs opened the franchise in their building, which they had owned for 18 years. During the 1950s, the building was an A&W Root Beer Factory. Prior to the restaurant opening, the Dieterich's operated a furniture store in the building. 

"It's got a lot of history," she said. "It is the old Chicago (style) original brick." 

Dieterich said at Wacked Out Weiner, they offer 42 different toppings for their hot dogs, including a homemade chili that is made fresh daily and is a secret recipe. She said customers can have their hot dogs anyway they would like, from simple to the most "wacked out" way they can think of. In addition to hot dogs, they also offer ice cream, including her own creation, a strawberry cheesecake flavor.

"Macaroni and cheese is a big hit," she said. "It's white cheddar that I serve. Some don't serve it but I do."

She said she hopes that the community will continue to support the restaurant and to help it grow. She said the Wacked Out Weiner is a unique venue because it allows people a place to come and relax and have good food in a family environment. Students can come and study in their lounge area, with access to their free wi-fi and children can play and watch cartoons, Dieterich said.

Wacked Out Weiner plans to do several community events to get involved and set their restaurant apart from the rest.

"We want this place to be homey," she said. "It's different and there are not many places you can get a hotdog."

Dieterich said they plan to do a grand opening in October that will feature a live band and activities for the community. The restaurant is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday and is located at 5271 Stewart Street.