A Destin woman who put a story about her dad's medical plight on GoFundMe called the outpouring of support "a miracle."

Rebecca Adcock's father, Matt Welch, has been a missionary in Bulgaria and Romania for nearly 30 years. She was raised there, along with her nine siblings.

Her father is a strong man, she said, one who continued to take care of others as he battled Parkinson's disease for the last 10 years. But it was shoulder pain so severe that he couldn't sleep or complete basic tasks that brought him back to the states for medical care.

Wednesday, he underwent a total shoulder replacement at Andrew's Institute in Gulf Breeze, and he will spend the next two months recovering at Adcock's Destin home.

He and his family are paying the $22,000 for the surgery out of pocket, with help from friends and God. He had insurance when he was diagnosed, but the company refused to foot the bill, she said.

"I told my dad, 'Let me do this for you.' I didn't think it was going to get this much support," she said of the GoFundMe. "I think it's absolutely a miracle."

Welch first made a connection with Andrew's Institute in 2018 when he came back to the states and drove more than 40,000 miles to visit the churches that support his missionary work.

The orthopedic surgeon told him that his shoulder was "bone on bone" due to arthritis. But at the time, Welch didn't have the money to have his shoulder replaced.

Adcock said her father has a long habit of placing the needs of his ministry in front of his own and this was just another example.

When he could no longer handle the daily and constant pain, he agreed to have the surgery and his family set about trying to find the funds.

"I know I'm asking you to reach into your own funds for someone you've possibly never met," Adcock wrote on the GoFundMe page. "'Little is much when God is in it,' and I believe with all my heart that God is in this."

As of Monday, more than $22,000 of their original $30,000 goal had been raised.

To donate, go to GoFundMe and search for Matt Welch.