Honest journalism requires ever more courage and research. Your Sept. 17th edition — three segments in particular — was a keeper!

Your editorial, ”White House needs more stability” when you note Trump’s “A” team of 65 senior-level advisors has experienced a 77% turnover rate fueled, as you say, in no small part by the president himself. My sympathies lie with those remaining for resourcefulness in explaining mountains of misstatements or downright lies.

The Bloomberg piece, also on the Op-Ed page, ”Functional democracy requires discomfort.” It observes, “To put it simply, healthy democracy is about living with disagreement, not eliminating it.” It’s long been the goal of one political party to convert an already flimsy two-party system into one-party rule. There’s enough blame to go around when raw rage tends to throw what remains of “government by the people” to the wolves.

Last but not least, Del Stone’s piece, ”The electoral system is broken.” I’ve admired his writings over the years, but Del, the nation may collapse in many ways before expiring from debt - much of which we owe ourselves. Still it’s cruelly fascinating to watch “money lenders” worldwide privatizing or squeezing the lifeblood from government services to the people. An overhaul is indeed necessary, because of the long-range plan by one party to grab all the marbles from municipal, state and federal bags! Both parties do it but one has taken it to a fine art.

Here’s a clue. Much pretense at saving the working class; constantly running up patriotic banners. God’s chosen party, they also own “rugged individualism.” Pack the courts. Extreme dislike of domestic programs. Urges to dismantle (except defense and commerce) departments intended to preserve our people and planet.

If you recognize one of these parties you may be inclined to review your choices in 2020.

Of course, what other choices do we have, other than “socialists” who keep harping on three primary functions necessary for life: Educated citizens, healthcare that will not let you die by its absence, or bankrupt you, and a fair level of income to sustain us in old age.

Again, thanks Daily News for recognizing coins have two sides. Problems confronting society won’t be solved by coins, or even tossing them. Vision’s what’s needed.

William White, Fort Walton Beach