The incident occurred between Niceville High baseball coach Rod Taylor and the father of one of his players in Principal Charlie Marello's office in April.

NICEVILLE – The Okaloosa County District recommended that Niceville High baseball coach Rod Taylor be given a one-day suspension and undergo anger management courses after completing its investigation of a confrontation between Taylor and the parent of one of his players in April.

The confrontation occurred in Niceville principal Charlie Marello’s office when Taylor, Marello and the player’s father met to discuss why the parents had not been informed of a one-game suspension issued by Taylor.

According to the report, the discussion quickly escalated into a shouting match between the parent and Taylor. According to Marello’s account, he had to physically separate the two men and was knocked back into a chair after they stood up and continued yelling at each other.

After the parent began to shout “Do something! Do something!” at Taylor, Marello called the School Resource Officers, who escorted the parent from the building.

The school district’s investigation cited Taylor for “Misconduct in Office” and recommended the suspension and anger management classes on Aug. 19. The report redacted the name of the parent involved.

According to a school district spokesperson, Taylor's recommended discipline action is still moving through the district's approved process.

Taylor declined to comment for this article.

“Although sufficient evidence was presented to conclude that both Taylor and (parent) actions were unprofessional, Taylor is an employee of OCSD and as such the expectation for OCSD employees is to remain professional. Taylor’s action of engaging in yelling back and forth with (parent) and engaging in a potential physical situation, which resulted in Principal Marello stepping between the two men and the SROs being summons (sic) to intervene, violated (policy) by failing to exhibit appropriate control of his emotions.”

Taylor, who is also an assistant football coach for Niceville, was hired as baseball coach in 2016 and was previously the school’s baseball coach from 1998-2001.