Nelson Arriaga ran a red light with his dump truck, colliding with a car driven by 16-year old Hana Poole. Poole was sent to the hospital after becoming entrapped in her vehicle.

GULF BREEZE— A teenage girl was sent to the hospital after her car was hit by a dump truck.

Nelson Rivera Arriaga, 63, of Navarre was driving a dump truck east as he approached the traffic signal at the intersection of U.S. Highway 98 and Nantahala Beach Road.

Arriaga ran through the red light causing the front of his dump truck to collide with the driver’s side of a Chevrolet 4D driven by Hana Lynn Poole, 16, of Gulf Breeze.

Poole was traveling northbound at the intersection and became entrapped in her vehicle at the time of the crash. After Poole was removed from the vehicle, she was flown to Pensacola Children’s Hospital. She was later released from the hospital with no major injuries.

Arriaga, who was uninjured in the crash, was charged with violation of a traffic control device.