The mother of his child has been charged as an accessory to the homicide of Edgar Jennings.

The mother of Edgar Jennings’ child has been charged in connection with his Nov. 19 killing.

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Carissa Lynn Parker, 27, was charged Wednesday as an accessory after the fact to a homicide. It is alleged that she drove a male acquaintance to Jennings’ home at 888 Culp Avenue in Fort Walton Beach and drove him away from the scene after Jennings was fatally shot.

Their daughter, Laila, was in the house when he was fatally shot. It was her fourth birthday.

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Based on information developed to this point, the Sheriff’s Office has identified a person of interest as the shooter but is not releasing additional details at this time, according to agency spokeswoman Michele Nicholson.

An arrest report made public by the Sheriff’s Office Wednesday afternoon said investigators obtained home video footage of a vehicle identified by witnesses as the one "a skinny black male with dreads," armed with a revolver, had gotten into to leave the scene of the shooting.

Another witness, likely a relative of Parker, reported that Parker had arrived at a Pensacola residence about 90 minutes after the shooting. She "appeared upset and distraught and told (the witness) that the victim ’was gone,’" the arrest report said.

A person identified as a Parker relative participated with law enforcement in a "controlled phone call" in which Parker "admitted driving the shooting suspect to the scene and discussing ongoing issues she was having with Jennings," a news release issued with the report said.

Stacey Pendergrass, who was living with the 35-year-old Jennings and helping him to raise his daughter Laila, expressed surprise and disgust following the arrest.

"I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact she would take Laila’s daddy away from her, because he was giving her a good life and she couldn’t," Pendergrass said. "We’ve raised Laila for the last year, she ... couldn’t provide for her child. I have raised Laila as my own and will continue to do so."

Deputies were called to the Culp Avenue address at about midnight Nov. 19 to respond to a report of shots being fired. "They found Jennings dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the head," Wednesday’s news release said. He was found just outside the side door.

The video obtained showed Parker arrive at the home about six minutes before the first 911 call was made. About a minute after the 911 calls began arriving at county emergency dispatch, the suspected shooter is seen getting back in the car and leaving, according to the news release.

"At no time after the shooting did Parker attempt to contact law enforcement, despite knowing Jennings had been killed," the news release said. "She also assisted the suspected shooter by driving him away from the scene of the crime."