CRESTVIEW—A 38-year-old Crestview man was arrested Friday after he held his infant son in one hand and a loaded and chambered pistol in the other hand during an argument with his girlfriend, according to his Crestview Police Department arrest report.

The girlfriend was attempting to console her son when Richard Peter Van Reese walked into the bedroom holding the gun and yelling at her to get away from the child. Gun and infant still in hand, Van Reese pushed his girlfriend onto the bed, the report said.

The victim’s daughter heard her brother crying and ran into the room, the report said. As she was attempting to pick her brother up from the bed, Van Reese shoved her onto the floor and placed his foot on her chest.

The barrel of the gun was facing the child, the report said.

The victim told her daughter to run to the neighbor’s house and call 911.

The victim told officers that she and Van Reese had been arguing before the incident and that he had been following her around the house, accusing her of cheating on him. At some point, she said he broke her phone out of anger.

Van Reese was charged with one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and child abuse without great bodily harm, the report said. He was also charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver after he was found with a plastic container that had “a white crystal like residue” inside that tested positive for methamphetamine.

He is currently in the Okaloosa County Jail with no bond.