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DESTIN—Amber Helton, a teacher at Noah’s Ark Preschool in Destin said she woke up excited Tuesday morning knowing she would see her 2-year-old students.

“When I woke up I had the biggest smile ... and then I had tears down my face because ... it’s going to be so hard not to embrace them, but getting to see their smile is way better than nothing,” said Helton.

Teachers were able to see their students Tuesday morning at a drive-through parade hosted by Noah’s Ark Preschool.

Cars rolled into the parking lot of the Immanuel Angelican church, where the preschool is located. Parents passed by teachers, smiled and waved at their students with different colored signs.

The parade was a way for students to stay connected to their teachers, Charlene Robertson said.

“Children don’t understand what’s going on, so they don’t understand why they can’t have the things they normally do,” she said. “Children need the reassurance that everything is going to be normal,” she said.

At the end of the parade, students received a blue or red basket full of goodies. Robertson said there were around 24 activities for the little ones to do from cutting and coloring, to a planting project.

“To be able to see us, (to) be able to take something tangible home that we prepared for them, will give them more of a connection with us,” Robertson said.

Darcie Mausteller, who has a son, Zayne, in Helton’s class said he has been asking about school a lot, so it was great for him to see all his teachers.

“When she (Helton) saw Zane, she teared up and ... and then it made me tear up of course, said Mausteller. ”It was really sweet and thoughtful for them to put this on.“