Billy Theriot: This is getting out of hand.

Jacob Leblanc: Probably what the Confederacy said when they realized they couldn't win.

Billy Theriot: What I am saying a judge's statute also is being removed or talked about being removed.

Jacob Leblanc: Good.

Michael Danos: Do not agree with it at all.

Gregory Garcia: Weren't the Confederates Democrats and the Union Republicans?

Ron Harding: It's a bit more complicated than that.

Moe Carter: A lot more complex!

Jesse Billiot: Oh, is someone going to bring up the myth of the parties changing?

Ron Harding: More true than the myth of Irish slavery.

Ron Harding: Or better yet, tell me how only one party during the whole time this country maintained slavery, Jim Ccrow and segregation is at fault.

Jesse Billiot: Sorry, Ron. I didn't get the notification. Democrats introduced Jim Crow and scammed blacks during the New Deal, promising jobs they denied. Democrats voted against civil rights in the 1960s.

Denise Leger McGaw: They can remove all the statues they want. I will always be proud to be a white, Southern, Cajun American. You can't remove history. And I'm sure I'm in the majority on this, because it's common sense.

Jacob F. Boudreaux: Of course you can't remove history. But you can choose which parts of it we honor, literally, on a pedestal.

Michael Danos: It's not honoring history; it's honoring men. There is a difference.

Armeisha Gauche: And a loser? The Confederates lost the war, you know.

Michael Danos: And your point is?

Jacob F. Boudreaux: If we're honoring men and not the ideas they stand for, we should erect statues for Benedict Arnold and Charles Cornwallis! Great men!

Michael Danos: Neither of those two are would be what I would call great men.

Armeisha Gauche: My point is why would you be proud to be a loser?

Michael Danos Go look up the accomplishments of Gen. Lee, and when you have an answer other than the South lost the war, then maybe you might understand.

Michael Danos: If we are honoring men, it's because of something they have accomplished that made them great people.

Jacob F. Boudreaux: You mean Col. Lee. He only received the rank of colonel in the U.S. Army. He was a general when he was committing treason.

Michael Danos: Go do some history reading you might learn a thing or two.

Brady Laughlin: You live in Australia, right? I'm just curious why in the hell you're worried about what statues are up or down over here in the United States.

Jacob F. Boudreaux: Because I'm from Houma, graduated from Vandebilt, received two degrees from LSU and now attend medical school in Australia, mate. I'm qualified to comment.

Seth Pontiff: Doesn't everyone nowadays get a trophy anyway? If so, leave the losing side's statues up. The founding fathers committed treason when they rebelled against the British. What's your point?

Laura Robichaux: Wouldn't the founding fathers have committed treason against the British government while the Southern generals committed treason against the American government? If one is honoring heroes of American history, should that matter?

Denise Leger McGaw: Nobody has changed my opinion yet. We know the Confederacy lost. Does that matter now?

Ron Harding: Yes it does. Your opinion is immaterial to this fact.

Denise Leger McGaw: As I feel yours is. We're even.

CJ Champagne: Nobody uttered a word about statues until the Dems lost the election, so really, this is what spoiled children do when they don't get something they want, throw temper tantrums and cry until they're given something.

Ron Harding: That's not true. People have been talking about this stuff.

Hank Savin: Very true.

Jared Gilmore: Because there is nothing else that they need to worry about except removing statues. Using our money wisely still.

Zach Johnson: Bunch of snowflakes.

Alison Traigle: Let's burn down the plantations next.

Emory Taylor: Please watch what you say. They have stupid people out there.

Alison Traigle: Clearly we are surrounded by stupidity.

Thomas Donald Coffman: I used to be proud of Louisiana, but now I just hang my head. Thought they had sense but it looks like they are as dumb as the others trying to change history.

Michael Williams: Yep, plantations gotta go. French Quarter gotta go. They all have to go. Even Columbus is coming down.

Hank Savin: Florida is about to get wiped out but those damn stationary statues gotta go.

Nestor J Navarro Jr.: Really? Why did no one say anything before?

Jacob F. Boudreaux: Because most of society didn't want to hear from anyone who wasn't white, male and wealthy. When they did speak up, there were lynchings, beatings, burning of property and disenfranchisement along with institutionalized segregation. They did say it, but we didn't listen.

Amos Lane: Are you aware that 620,000 "white supremacists" died while fighting for the North in the Civil War?

Ron Harding: I'm also aware that white people allowed slavery to happen before the Civil War, some fought to preserve it, and most looked the other way during Jim Crow and segregation.

Jesse Billiot: So you hate blacks and the Democrat Party, Ron? Blacks owned slaves and the Democrats supported Jim Crow and segregation.

Amos Lane: That awkward moment when white people were the first in the world to abolish slavery and then spent the next 180 years being blamed for it.

Ron Harding: Nice try. Black people weren't sitting in office, nor were they writing or voting on legislation. They sure as hell didn't write the three-fifths rule into the Constitution. That moment when you awaken to the sobering reality that white people almost wiped Native Americans from the face of the planet, then brought chattel slavery to the shores of America, only to have their ancestors ask for thanks for having to fight a war over the morality of slavery.

Ron Harding: What does the Democratic Party have to do with this? I never claimed an affiliation.

Jesse Billiot: Well, if we are getting rid of offensive things that have to do with race.

Amos Lane: Does it seem ironic that the next Civil War will be started by those trying to erase the Civil War?

Moe Carter: This is the funniest feed ever. People are like "we've got bigger things to worry about." Well why are you on here? "White people should commit mass suicide" you sound ignorant.

Inside Pooda's Brain: Homelessness. Starving people. Natural disasters. Politicians robbing us blind. But at least old art is coming down. Priorities.

Keith Doughty: Don't remove anything. It gives others confidence that they can do anything.