The Board of Directors and staff would like to thank the communities of Okaloosa County for their incredible support in donating fans and window air conditioners for the frail elderly and handicapped. We have been overwhelmed with the caring and generosity of our local residents, organizations and businesses.

Elder Services was established by a group of volunteers who recognized an unmet need within the community for elderly and handicapped individuals. Their mission to serve resulted in the establishment of Okaloosa County Council on Aging, also known as Elder Services. That mission of service to those unable to do for themselves has not changed since 1971.

We are fortunate to be part of a community that acknowledges the work we do and provides ongoing support for those who must make sacrifices due to limited incomes. As the former director, Ruth Lovejoy, used to say – “We are doing God’s work.”

Thank you again and bless you.

Executive Director Kimberly A. Fraley, Elder Services, Okaloosa County